Card Sorts 

Card Sort: A Sales Information Story

Sales teams often struggle to succeed as a group, even when individuals are doing well. High turnover, difficult learning curves, and team dispersal can make it hard for sales teams to adapt and thrive. 

This team designed and organized their internal community together, which meant that: 

- the pockets of information held by one or two individuals were brought into the light

- the terms and structure used reflected their vocabulary

- they had a sense of ownership even before the tool went live, increasing adoption rates and advocacy

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Card sorts allow users to organize data or products into categories or workflows that make sense to them. They are particularly helpful if a company is in danger of organizing information based on internal buzzwords or corporate structures that users won’t recognize or be able to navigate.

Card Storms 

This is a way of brainstorming quickly and with maximum input from participants. It makes sure that all voices are heard, and maximizes the efficiency of the meeting. it is particularly useful for gauging feature priorities and understanding existing processes before creating an application to reflect or enhance them.

Paper Prototypes 

Paper prototypes allow users the freedom to voice concerns and ideas at very early stages. Tangible objects like sticky notes and string use different parts of the brain to evaluate functionality, and save development resources by defining issues and priorities early on.

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