One Page Guide

When introducing a new tool, it’s important to respect the time and tolerance for change of the tool’s users. 

In this case, users were smart but busy, and didn’t necessarily see the tool as central to their workflow. So instructions had to be simple, compressed, and easily put up on a cubicle bulletin board. They weren’t going to read a manual.

Launch campaigns 

Based on the personas and user data, it is possible to hone the messaging of a product launch to reflect the needs, priorities, and language of the ideal user. Usability support during launch ensures faster and more complete adoption of new products and features.

Training design and deployment 

User knowledge means that training can be tuned to ensure user success. Training for a career salesperson who is used to paper processes is different than training for a new salesperson who is used to heavy mobile device usage, for example.

Surveys and feedback loops 

By establishing the data repositories and user messaging up front, the feedback after a product launch has a clear role in the process, one that increases the users’ sense that this product is designed for them, with their input.

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