Wait, Which Number?

Dear @JeffcoColorado:

I actually don’t think paying taxes is a terrible thing. I like roads and schools and streetlights and parks and firepeople. But I think there are some ways to make it less painful, even for those of us who don’t walk into the process with chips on our shoulders.

IMG 5219

This is what the envelope says on the outside. On the document, there are 3 clearly labelled numbers: 



Bill #:

So follow the radical usability lady here. Stay with me.

Use the same vocabulary on your instructions that you use on your document, so that users can comply with the request you are making. 

I chose at random from the three numbers available to me, because I cannot tell which one you want.

This will not change the world. It won’t make people love paying their taxes, especially the ones that aren’t big road/school/firepeople fans. But it will make things just a little easier, a little faster, a little less of a burden. It will make them feel a little more like you’re taking them and their time into account. 

It couldn’t hurt.

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